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Power Products Engine Practical
Course # TCEN0005

TCEN005-Power Products Engine Practical The Power Products Engine Practical course is a hands-on course. In this course students will perform hands-on practical exercises that reinforce the theories learned in the Power Products Engine Technical course. EMD highly recommends that students participate in the Power Products Engine Technical course prior to enrolling in the Practical course. Students will perform a series of exercises and inspections on an EMD-8 cylinder 645/710 engine. This course provides both in-depth study and hands-on experience with tasks such as: - Power Assembly change-out - Engine timing - Air Box inspection - Turbocharger removal, inspection, and installation Other exercises include: - Setting water pump drive gear backlash - Checking and setting front gear train backlash - Checking idler gear bushing clearance - Head seat ring and thrust washer wear inspection This course also covers installation, inspection, and qualification of various other components. Students will receive technical information and hands-on training, combined with oral presentations, giving the student a solid background in advanced maintenance procedures and repairs. Basic troubleshooting, parts identification and ordering, engine modification, and upgrades are also covered in this course. EMD reserves the right modify the content of this course. At the instructor's discretion, the course curriculum can be modified to meet the needs of the students based on class size and student skill level. In certain cases, not all activities will be performed exactly as listed. Safety boots are required. Mon-Fri 8:00AM-3:30PM. Class will end at Noon on Friday to allow for travel.

Registration can be made through your Progress Rail Power Products Distributor or directly through Progress Rail.
Your distributor information can be obtained by clicking on Distributor Registration or by contacting the Progress Rail Customer Training Center at 708-387-6672.